UNO Ultimate DC Edition Card Game

UNO Ultimate DC Edition Card Game

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Play like a DC Super Hero with this With this UNO Ultimate card game! This premium version of UNO features four card decks . each designed specifically for a popular . heroic character. Each player chooses to play as a character who has special powers that they can use on EVERY turn. A Danger Deck holds special cards to switch the balance of power! Players race to get rid of all their cards just like the classic UNO game . and they can't forget to yell "UNO!" when down to their last one. Unique to UNO Ultimate are TWO ways to win each round as well as four collectible . never-before-seen Foil Cards which players can keep and collect or put in the game itself to spice up the Ultimate deck. The card game makes a great gift for fans of UNO . the DC Universe and fun on game night.

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